About Me

I am a full-time student at the University of Texas at Dallas. I am 43 years old and taking a class on Digital Content Design and Usage. The main topic for this course is an exploration of Webcomics and the book “Reinventing Comics” by Scott McCloud. Growing up, I spent a lot of free time reading my brothers X-Men comic books. I have many fond memories of the trips my friends and I made to Argo’s Used Bookstore in Grand Rapids, MI where I grew up. There, we explored additional comics and immersed ourselves in fantasies and stories as boys do at that age. However, I haven’t read a comic since the 10th grade; except for the occasional Sunday comics in the newspaper such as Calvin & Hobbes. This semester is sure to be a fun adventure as I examine the main topics from McCloud’s book and write a weekly post on my learnings and address each of the revolutions along the way.

Follow the journey through the eyes of a 43 year old as I immerse myself in the world of comics again and share my opinions from a scholars point of view. I know this adventure will have me laughing from time to time, maybe you as well.


Image of blog author Ryan Tyler