Institutional Scrutiny

Scott McCloud speaks of two forms of academia that comics can take: the study of creating them, and the analysis of them (McCloud, 2000).As I’ve been working on this course and reading his books, I would say that comics are now reflected very positively in the academic arena. This class alone proves that fact. I also took a digital writing class in which McClouds first book, Understanding Comics, The Invisible Art, was a part of the course literature.

I believe there is a very evident shift in our culture as our thirst for diversity grows. Universities are ever expanding their curriculum and open degree plans. For many students now, we have options in which we can practically tailor our own degree plans. There are hundreds of options in which we can pursue individual passions. As I’ve researched web comics for two classes now, I’ve seen this evidence first hand.

We are no longer held back by restrictive environments and rigid expectations. The Internet has also offered a platform in which those who have the passion for the specific media of comics are able to be heard. Their creative  narratives fill the digital space with a dizzying array of talent and inspiration. With the break from traditional jobs within large comic corporations, comics have garnered a new respect for individuality and representation of the culture of this period in time.

As society continues to break from cultural norms, I find we turn to options that were scrutinized in the past. In my opinion, web comics are not just another form of entertainment. Web comics have become an important study of self-expression and determination of those who push to be heard. As the popular ads from Apple declare, students are answering the question.

“What will your verse be?”

Image courtesy A Few Feet of Snow.


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